Manual/Servo Pan/Tilt PT-RM-1

The Telemetrics PT-RM-1 Pan/Tilt Head is a precision pan/tilt head with smooth variable operating speed. Heavy duty bearings and belt drive system provides smooth and quiet operation. Multi-axis control includes pan, tilt, zoom, focus, track, televator, dolly, iris and master pedestal. Manual smooth motion is accomplished using advanced digital servo control. The unit’s motion profiles are field adjustable. Parameters for maximum and minimum velocities acceleration are standard. This head has the capability of motion by sequence of position or motion record playback. Two hundred and fifty five presets are available, memorizing all axes. Preset recall is provided with a on-the fly time parameter where all axes start and stop simultaneously using preprogrammed acceleration parameters. Camera and lens control is provided via direct serial or analog connections. Cables are easily managed using the management system at the base of the pan/tilt. Facility for power, Ethernet/serial control, video, genlock and prompter video is provided at the base. The tilt yoke provides a direct interface to the camera, lens and teleprompter so that cables do not get twisted when rotating the pan/tilt. The power input is from a 48V DC source. A powerful and efficient DC-DC converter provides the appropriate voltage levels to power the pan/tilt head, camera, lens, teleprompter and auxiliary robotic devices. The 48V DC input provides for greater cable lengths up to 1500 feet depending on power draw. The head is capable of manual backup control. Connected with the lens manufacturers’ hand controls and the optional redundant camera power, the unit can be used manually by a camera man in case of electronic failure.


  • • Smooth slow or high speed “Camera Operator” like moves.
  • • Programmable on the fly timed presets start and stop all axes simultaneously.
  • • Lens control via analog or digital serial
  • • Serial Control through RS232, RS422, or 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • • Serial camera control interface for most Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Ikegami and Hitachi cameras.
  • • Manual Override capability.
  • • Internal cable management system
  • • Camera Power with optional redundant backup input
  • • Optional Teleprompter mounting and power
  • • Dual Tally Control (Red/Green)
  • • Aux Controls interface for optionally available Trolley, Elevating Pedestal, Elevating Wall Mount
  • • Virtual Studio Interface
  • • Slip Ring Option provides unrestrained pan rotation
  • • Fiber Optic Option : HD-SDI, genlock and ethernet