KVM-6000 Series

Multiple video formats, keyboard and mouse with options for data and conversion to SDI - unparalleled power for your remote desktop!

The KVM-6000 is designed to transport computer graphics while extending computer control via USB and serial data transport. With the addtion of audio transport, the KVM-6000 becomes a complete solution for remote access to all the fuctionality of a computer destop. With USB 2.0 transport included, the KVM-6000 goes far beyond a standard remote destop allowing other peripherals such as printers, scanners or even web cams. This all over just ONE FIBER*.

The video transport section supports high– quality RGB–HV, DVI–D and DVI-DL through a DVI–I interface and is designed to increase the transmission distance limitations of high resolution RGB and DVI video and computer graphics. The KVM-6000 Single Link system will transport virtually anyVESA-compliant DVI or RGB signal from 640x480 VGA up to and including 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz Reduced Blanking WUXGA. The dual link version will suport WQXGA(2560 × 1600) @ 60 Hz. It will also transport HDTV formats from 480P up to and including 1080P with full clarity over one fiber and one wavelength (1310nm). Not to mention the transport of non-RGB video formats such as YUV, YCrCb or YPrPb.

The KVM-6000 provides a GUI interface that extends control and set up features through a host PC using the USB port located on the front panel. The KVM-6000 supports USB 2.0 as well as the transport of two audio channels and unidirectional (with the option of bidirectional) RS232, RS422 or RS485 type data. No additional fibers are required for the audio or data options, although two fibers are required for bi-directional data and remote EDID options. It also carries a SMPTE 348 option, whereby the data stream between the transmitter and receiver is a 2.97GBPS SMTE 348M SDTIcompliant stream. One of the most powerful features of theKVM- 6000 is it’s ability to be easily routed via our EOS Series of optical patch bays. Whether single or dual-fiber versions, theEOSenables convenient patching of ALL of the supported signals. And since each signal is repeated by the EOS, you get a fresh optical budget and increased operating distance at th patch. There are many types of KVM over fiber devices on the market today. None of them can compare to the peformance and comprehensive feature set of the KVM-6000. And don’t forget the industry leading 7-year warranty.

*Slight compression in single-fiber versions