inTELEgent® Camera Control Panel CP-ITV4-S

The Telemetrics inTELEgent® Camera Control Panel CP-ITV4-S is an RS-232 serial desktop control panel designed to control Sony EVI-HD1,3,7 EVI-H100, EVI-D90, EVI-D80, EVI-D100 EVI-D70, EVI-D30, BRC-330, BRC-Z700, BRC-H700, and BRC-H900. The new intelligent proportional rate joystick provides smooth, simultaneous control of pan, tilt and zoom. The joystick speed sensitivity for pan/tilt movement is adjusted automatically based on the zoom position. Switches are provided to control focus and iris of each camera lens. Offers six stored presets, pan, tilt, zoom and focus positions to four cameras, can be recalled by selecting provided switches. In addition, user adjustable joystick speeds provide extreme fine control of the pan, tilt, and zoom. Interacting local and remote control panels, RS-232 interconnected, can control the cameras at either location by selecting the front panel. Local/Remote switch. RS-232 addressable external video switchers are also controllable when operating camera select buttons. Accessories include P/T/Z camera ceiling mount bracket (CAM-CMBKT) and a wall mount bracket (CAM-WMBKT). The pan/tilt video cameras may be connected using daisy chain wiring or home run wiring. Various -interconnecting cable accessories are available (not included).


  • • Four Pan/Tilt Camera Select Switches
  • • Lens Focus Far/Near
  • • Six Preset Shot Switches
  • • Lens Focus Auto/Man Local/Remote Select (Daisy Chain only)
  • • Lens Iris Bright/Dark
  • • Proportional Joystick for control of pan, tilt and zoom
  • • Video Switcher (Daisy Chain Only)
  • • Automatically adjusted joystick speed sensitivity for pan/tilt movement
  • • Joystick Speed Up/Down (Kramer6x1 Switcher - CVG-SW61CS)