ChromaFlex™ / ChromaFlex EL™

ChromaFlex provides all the benefits of Reflecmedia's revolutionary Chromatte fabric in the most portable form, making it easier and more affordable than ever to take chroma key production out of the studio and into any controlled lighting environment. The results are as good as those achieved in a dedicated studio, but this way you can take your chroma key studio wherever you go!

The 2.1m square (7' sq.) collapsible screen weighs just 5kg and packs into a 90cm (36”) diameter bag. With no additional fittings needed, ChromaFlex is opened and ready for use in seconds. The screen's surface area allows sufficient space to shoot from close-up to a well-proportioned wide shot. Experienced professionals or chroma key amateurs alike will benefit from the ease, flexibility and versatility of ChromaFlex and the greater time it allows for creativity.

ChromaFlex EL

ChromaFlex EL is a 1.4m x 1.4m (4'x4') version of ChromaFlex, supplied with LiteRing components all in one bag. Designed as a cost-effective entry level solution for mid shots and head and shoulder shots, it is the perfect introduction to Chromatte production.

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