BaseMatte - specialist Chromatte flooring

Basematte is specifically designed for use as flooring. It is Chromatte cloth laminated to a close cell, high density, resilient neoprene rubber base to provide a flat, even and non-slip surface. It forms easily to most carpets and solid floors. When used with ChromaFlex or a Chromatte curtain, it enables the cameraman to frame full body shots. And should an accident happen in the studio, it is easy to replace BaseMatte - unlike a studio floor.

BaseMatte is available in 2m x 1.4m tiles. If a larger area needs to be covered, Chromatte tape can be used to join together as many BaseMatte tiles as required. The tape can also mask cables etc.


  • Non-slip
  • Flexible & versatile
  • Pressure resistant
  • Provide a flat, even surface
  • Can form to existing studio floors
  • Can tile a floor
  • Easily replaceable